Antibiotic abuse raises concerns again
Antibiotic abuse raises concerns again
  • The use of antibiotics has helped humans overcome the deadly threat of bacterial infections. However, the abuse of antibiotics has also led to the rapid growth of resistant bacteria. The data given by the CDC on 2010, 2 million people in the United States are infected with drug-resistant bacteria each year, and 23,000 of them are killed. According to the latest report released by the University of Washington in January 2019, the number of people dying from drug-resistant bacterial infections per year in the United States rose to 162,000, and the number of deaths worldwide is expected to reach 700,000.

  • Among the top 10 global health threats released by the World Health Organization in January this year, the abuse of antibiotics and other drugs is also listed. A UK-funded research project predicts that 10 million people worldwide will die from antibiotic resistance by 2050, if no corresponding policies are in place to reduce abuse of antibiotics.

  • The New York Times reported that antibiotics are now widely used for disease prevention in farm animals, and that farms use the antifungal drugs to prevent crop rot. The scientists say that the widespread use of sterile drugs in crops can lead to a surge in drug-resistant fungi that pose a threat to humans.

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