Application Of Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent In Medicine
Application Of Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent In Medicine
  • Nanol silver can kill all microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi. But it is not harmful to human cells. As a natural antibacterial agent from the soil, silver has a wide range of functions. It can be regarded as the second immune barrier outside the body's natural immune system. Silver ions have an excellent effect on the treatment of gastritis, malaria, parasitic infections, psoriasis, mucosal infection, and yeast infections, which can orally or externally.

  • The emergence of colloidal silver is a miracle of modern medicine. An antibiotic can kill 6 pathogenic organisms, while colloidal silver can kill 650 species and effectively control resistant strains. A minimal amount of Nano silver can destroy a large number of pathogenic microorganisms. (From J. Powell Digestive Scientist).

  • In the laboratory, we have not found which microorganism can not be killed by nano silver within 6 minutes (from Medical Ph.D. Henry Crooks).

  • Nano silver is effective in treating infectious diseases such as sepsis, rheumatic fever, gonorrhea, arthritis, diphtheria, and meningitis. Nano silver has very significant effects and capabilities on burns and other wounds.

  • The application of silver sterilization has a long history. In ancient times, silver bowls, silver chopsticks, and silverware were used to hold food, and silver needles were used for acupuncture. Nano silver sterilization has been recognized internationally to have a good inhibitory effect on various bacteria and molds. It is safe and harmless to the human body. Tests by authoritative organizations, Nano Silver agents have inactivation effects on the SARS virus. At concentrations below 100 ppm for 4 hours, they can kill "SARS" coronavirus 100%.

  • In the 1880s, Legionella spread in a large area in the United Kingdom. The British government researched the issue of silver purification of water. The results showed that silver has a significant killing effect on Legionella. Colloidal silver is directly released to the wound and treated, have been widely recognized by traditional medicine and emerging medicine.

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