Government’s Concern
Thank for these leaders, who from China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhejiang Commission of Economic&Information Technology, and Local Government Agency, repeatedly come to JMNANO to inspect and guide our work.

JMNANO is a future -oriented scientific enterprise, is committed to using the power of science for human to seek sustainable development solutions. Now, her excellent products have been serving in many leading companies in the field of OLED display, OLED light, environmental protection, new energy,chemistry, medicine, biology,etc. and leading a lot of industry technological innovation.
China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology director Jinlei investigated JMNANO
The purpose of this investigate is to know about the development and the long-range outlook of OLED industry

Du Huahong, Director of the Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang visited JMNANO
This visit aims at encouraging JMNANO to develop and increasing government support.

He Quangen, Chairman of the CPPCC of Jiashan visited JMNANO
The objective of this visit is to better understand JMNANO and local government roust enforce the supporting, including funds and policy.

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